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The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest


Earlier today I had a chance to catch a screening of the Tribe doc (shout out to J. Period). As we probably all know by now, there’s been some controversy surrounding the movie, creating a “Q-Tip” side and a “Michael Rapaport” side, but regardless of what Mike Rap did or didn’t do, from the point of view of a Tribe fan, the doc is incredible.

It was an hour and a half of re-living and remembering all the things that were good about Hip Hop (and music in general) in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Looking back at the Native Tongue movement from the perspective of time and the evolution of music gave me, at least, a greater appreciation for what Tribe, JB’s, Black Sheep, De La, and the rest were really doing with Hip Hop at that time. Pharell, Common and Black Thought gave credit in the film to Tribe for inspiring artists and groups like themselves, Kanye, Dilla, to even exist.

The doc goes truly takes you through Tribe’s entire journey, and at the risk of incurring the wrath of Tip, it’s well done.

Of course it was hard to watch the rift of Phife and Tip, but you left feeling like their relationship isn’t one that will ever be completely over; there’ll always be love there even if they have to keep some distance between each other.

The movie’s hitting all the festivals now, but I don’t know what Sony’s plan is for distribution. My advice would be to give this to the music fans/industry insiders/people who were there first. Hold some screenings, let folks have some ownership of it, then take it out to the masses. Whatever they do, I’ll catch it again.

By the way, anyone know where I can cop a poster of the Midnight Marauders cover?

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